Hope for the New Church Year

October marks the beginning of a new fiscal year and a new church year for Trinity Baptist Church. With any new year, we think about the past year and look forward to new beginnings. We can reflect back on the completion of the sanctuary remodel; the nearly $700,000 given to local and international missions; and the growth in programs with an increased number of children in Parents Day Out and Vacation Bible School. We were able to support our ministries using our collective God given time, talents, and treasures.

As we look to the new church year, is this the year we fulfill our pledges for the God is Remodeling campaign; is this the year we see growth in additional ministries; is this the year when we see even more baptisms; is this the year when other capital improvements occur; is this the year when more members serve, and is this the year that our giving exceeds the projected budgetary needs? I believe the momentum is there. God can use Trinity Baptist Church to reach the needs of our community and beyond.

We attended events this past church year where it was difficult to find an empty seat; what an exciting time. We have also attended other events that we felt were great and wondered why more folks were not there. Sometimes attending and participating in these events involves expanding our comfort zone or prioritizing our time. Is this the year where we allow God to expand each one of us, make time for different events, and allow ourselves to receive His blessings?

The Ministry Matching Team just completed the process of matching members to teams within our church. I imagine if you look at the membership of these teams, you will see the same names serving in multiple areas. I’m sure some of these folks were asked to serve on one more team and regretfully declined because they felt they would become over extended. I believe there are other church members who felt a calling to serve, but never made the final step to say yes. Is this the year where more of us say yes to serving?

Last year the church expanded its electronic giving options by offering Pushpay. Our church continues to offer small groups or seminars on financial planning. The church conducted the first “Estate Planning 101” workshop in September. Our youth are discussing life and money on Sunday nights. Is this the year more folks are able to release themselves from financial burdens? Is this the year more members allow giving to the Lord’s work to become a joy and a blessing?

I think we can all look forward to new beginnings. We can expand the church’s current momentum in the coming church year. I believe that Trinity Baptist Church is a caring family of believers. By using our collective time, talents, and treasures, our church will continue to communicate and apply the life-changing message of Christ’s unconditional love. May we continue to use our compassionate ministries and missions to connect a multitude of people to God’s love every week of this New Year!