Here With Us

As we enter into the Christmas season we are to remember that God is here with us. We need to recognize that no matter where we are, how we feel or what we fear is going to happen, God is already here.  There is a wonderful song performed by Joy Williams called Here with Us. It is typically sung around Christmas as it is about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem 2000 years ago, but it is relevant every season of the year. God is already here and we should rejoice in this.

I was recently listening to Allistair Begg speak on prayer and he made an excellent point regarding how we pray to God. Many of us, me included, pray that God will “be with” someone in their time of need, or pray that God will be with us in our own time be it health, work or some other stressful life event. Allistair asked why we do this. Isn’t God already here with us? He is the Creator and made it clear throughout the Scripture that He is already here. He never left. We cannot be deists where we exist on the misunderstanding that God made the world and then he left and will, only if we beg Him, come back and be with us. He is already here and that is good news.

So if we are not to pray for God to be with us, since he is already here, how should we pray? What if we were to pray knowing what St. Patrick knew that Christ was within, beneath, above, right and left of him? With that confidence we can pray that God’s will be done and that our hearts will soften to His Word and that our minds will be open to the world around us in order for us to fully participate in what God has already provided and see that He is here.

The very name given to Jesus in Matthew 1:23, Immanuel, already proclaims that God is with us. Every day we should reflect on this truth and promise but I encourage you to reflect even more on this fact that God is here. We know this truth at Trinity Baptist Church and we will make decisions based on the fact that God is already here and that He is powerful and He is good. It is our prayer that we as a church family join Him here and participate in His kingdom and that His will be done.

Matthew Dillingham