Have You Checked Your Cell Phone Bill Lately?

In Sunday School recently, one TBC high school senior expressed her frustration in filling out college application essay questions asking her to indicate what has had the most influence in her life. Having been told all her life that she should never bring up religion or politics in conversation, and knowing God’s undeniable influence in her life, she found herself in a quandary. Several weeks earlier, the Sunday School class was challenged to be on the lookout for ways in which God provides opportunity to Acknowledge Him.

During the recent Men’s Retreat, the speaker noted an alarming statistic, indicating 52% of believers think there is more to Christianity than what they had experienced. Wow, I am all ears! What could be missing in a convert’s life? I believe he was indicating that nearly half of all believers are experiencing the same frustration as our high school senior. In what ways do we Acknowledge Christ The Savior?

A few weeks ago, I was asked to help collect the offering in worship. What an experience! Please allow me to share my discovery. As people placed their Tithes and Offerings in the plate, I could not help but notice the pride and joy on their faces as they Acknowledged Christ. Those who choose to experience the Fullness of Christianity choose to faithfully contribute toward the endeavors of the church. Perhaps all believers should be asked to participate in this act of worship and experience Faith in Action and what commitment looks like. Could Giving be the missing key to experiencing the Fullness of Christianity? Could Giving be an opportunity to Acknowledge Christ The Savior? I believe “YES” to be the appropriate response to both questions.

I had to sit down when I opened my latest cell phone bill. It was astonishing what was being spent to communicate in the world today. I can honestly say, that this investment to tweet, snap, share, post, and pin does not hold a candle to what the church is able to do in the way of Equipping, Evangelizing and Encouraging our community and the world who needs to hear Christ being Acknowledged. While we Give in order to support social media in its effort to communicate in the world, I would hope that the church body would do it’s part and Give so that the world can hear the other side of the story. Proclaiming the Good News sounds like a better investment to me. Think about it!