Go Upward Go

Go Upward Go…..were the words cheered every Saturday in the gym by the Upward cheerleaders as the basketball players were hustling during the games. Each Saturday sixty kids filled the gym ready to play basketball and learn about Jesus. This year we focused on learning the Lord’s Prayer. So each week at practice the coaches would lead children in a devotional followed by the Lords’ Prayer. Then each Saturday at half time we would say it together. Many of the children can recite it by memory now. The reason this is so important is for us to help children and their parents imprint God’s word on their hearts. I memorized the Lords’ Prayer as a young child and know it today because of that. We are hoping that when children grow up they will remember some the things they have learned while here at our church.

This league would have not been possible without the leadership from our Upward commissioner, Joe Gaydos. He works many hours to help the children, the coaches and me have a positive experience. Thank you Joe for your leadership again this year. Also I want to thank Dana Stubblefield who runs the concession stand each week. She buys all of the wonderful treats and comes each Saturday to direct the wonderful volunteers we have in the kitchen. Thank you Dana for your hard work!!

Thank you Trinity for your continued support of programs that help direct children toward a relationship with Jesus Christ.