Giving Faithfully

All through the Bible, God praises faithfulness to Him. God has made it clear that one of the important things to Him is being faithful with our “first fruits” – the first portion of whatever we have earned. At Trinity Baptist we are all about challenging you to grow your heart, to become more like Christ and learn to be faithful in this area.

As we enter the hectic summer months, we are all preparing for camps, trips and other events that move us through summer into fall. In many, if not most, cases summertime interrupts our weekly schedule meaning that we are not able to attend church as regularly as we typically would.

We are asking the Trinity family to stay faithful with your giving during the summer months by using our online giving platform, Pushpay ( ). This is a safe, secure, and convenient way for you to automate your recurring giving to Trinity and our ministries. Typically, giving slows down during summer, and we are praying that our giving will increase, allowing us to be prepared for the fall so that we can continue to successfully reach out to our community as well as support our ministry efforts nationally and internationally. Your continued giving throughout the summer will allow us to be in a good position to continue to grow and reach God’s kingdom.

God is doing great things at Trinity, and I believe we have been called to do even greater things. I want to encourage you to automate your giving because it is important when you are not here. Would you be willing to set up an online giving profile at and automate the important? Not only will you not have to bring a checkbook to church, you will help us maintain ministries for your family during all seasons of the year.

Have a great summer!


You can get Pushpay on your phone by texting “pushpay” to 77977. The app currently accpets all major credit cards and works on iPhones as well as Android phones. To learn more about how Pushpay works, or give online, visit