Give Us Wisdom and Knowledge

In my office I have a set of bookends that were given to me by my wife Mindy when I started working here. The bookends are in the shape of a cross and have 2 Chronicles 1:10, “Give me now wisdom and knowledge,” printed across them. This verse is from Solomon speaking to God about his new kingship, and asking God to guide him and provide him the knowledge and wisdom needed to lead the people of God. Solomon has realized the significance of his new role of leading God’s “great people” and how the decisions he made would change the direction of history. He also knew that the people who would be king over were God’s people and not his and he took this responsibility very seriously.

Every day when I walk into my office I see this verse and I reflect on the amount of knowledge, wisdom and discernment required to run and lead a church like Trinity. However, I am not just speaking of the staff of Trinity but the Trinity family as a whole. As you may or may not know the church just completed the important process of identifying and naming new members and leaders to the core teams that help Trinity grow and prosper. These teams range in function from missions, to finance, facilities and personnel. All in all Trinity has over 35 teams that advise, manage and lead the core functions of Trinity and without these teams Trinity would not be able to exist as it does.

The members who participate in and lead these teams have a similar prayer that Solomon had when he was made king of the Jewish people. The teams do not rule, none of us do, like Solomon but they guide and in order to guide effectively they need the wisdom and knowledge that only God can provide. I daily pray for these teams and the members of these teams that they seek the wisdom and knowledge of God in order that they may lead effectively and successfully guide Trinity into the future to be the church that God intended and that we envisioned as a family during our ministry planning.

I ask from you the same. To pray for our teams and for the leadership of those teams, that they will seek God’s wisdom and see the significance and depth of their positions within our church family. That the work they do here not only positively affects God’s “great people” at Trinity but also the city of San Antonio and the world.