Marriage has so many questions… “Where do you want to eat?” “Are you okay?” “How much did it cost?” “What else is on?” “This one or this one?” “What are we going to do?” And so many more.

This coming 2017-2018 year, our theme for our Marriage Ministry will be encouraging couples to get CLEAR. We are partnering with MarriedPeople Ministries to create experiences and provide resources allowing couples…to have serious fun in ways they like to have fun. To respect & love each other in ways that communicate respect and love to each other. To love God first in the ways they connect with God. To practice the promises they made to each other on their wedding day in their very real, everyday lives. So you’ll find this theme inspiring our larger group events (Date Night), empowering small groups and workshops, and equipping resources for individual couples. We want to help couples get clear, because clarity leads to connection.

MarriedPeople Monthly. Speaking of equipping resources for individual couples this month, if you are married, and we have your current email address, then MarriedPeople Monthly will be emailed to you for only this month. MarriedPeople Monthly is designed by MarriedPeople Ministries to be a nudge for the couples we know who have full lives. If you want to keep receiving it, then you’ll need to sign up to be on the monthly list.

What’s in MarriedPeople Monthly? Go-and-do’s that couples can actually go and do. Each issue, you’ll find the following:

He Said/She Said: Each month, MarriedPeople Ministries features a couple they think has something great to say. They give them one question to ask each other.

Hot Button: They ask a marriage guru to share one simple thing that could dramatically impact marriages.

Random Awesomeness: We justify surfing the Web to bring you random awesomeness.

Post It: Grab a sticky note, fill in the blank in the sentence, and put it in a place where your spouse will find it.

The Spice: Each month, we will bring you one topic that will hopefully bring you closer in the bedroom.

2-Minute Vacation: Escape the craziness of everyday life and dream with one another in answering a simple question.

Plugged In: The best gift you can give your spouse is a healthy you—healthy spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Each month, we explore a different way to make you a better you.

If this resource sounds awesome to you, then you have two assignments…

(1) Go to and sign up to keep receiving it

(2) Send this link to other married couples you know so they can enjoy!