Were You a Full Participant?

Were you a “full participant” in January? Is this anything you have even thought about during the past several weeks? I have thought about what that could mean to me and began listing ideas of where I could more fully participate in the life of Trinity beyond serving as the Administrator.

We have several events coming up over the next several months as well as ongoing activities like small groups and Sunday Bible Studies. Many people at your work, school and neighborhood are starving for community, spiritual guidance and direction. They have questions and concerns that they, Oprah, their horoscopes or self-help books cannot answer. In their post modern context of relativity, they are looking for absolute truth; the kind of truth that heals, connects and builds people up and provides the life giving information that they need.

As a full participant, you and I can help and guide the people we come in contact with and live among everyday. We can invite them to the relevant events and activities that are continually being offered through the church. We can invite them to connect with others who have been in similar situations and can empathize. One example is the new divorce recovery small group that meets on Wednesday nights. Another would be our Mom-to-Mom group where moms from all backgrounds come together weekly and have formed a community of love and support. There are many others and you can learn more about them on our website: trinitybaptist.org/small-groups. Ultimately, there are so many things going on at Trinity that can benefit our community and it would be a tragedy not to do our part to bring others in so that they can participate as well.

I know you are now asking, “how can I get the word out?” Well, next time you see someone you can just tell them…with words…from your mouth with joy and love! It is a great way to communicate. Another option is to use social media. For instance, we keep our Facebook pages up to date so you could share our posts or post your own.
A personal invitation is key to getting the word out. We can’t hide the light “under a bushel – no!”

A major upcoming event where you can invite someone or many ones is Modern Families, which is February 22nd. You can learn more about it at trinitybaptist.org/modern-families. Another event is the Unapologetics Conference which will be held at Trinity February 27-28th. You can learn more on the Unapologetics website: texasapologetics.org/cities/san-antonio. There are also several other events going on and I encourage you to keep your eyes open to future emails, The Weekly Reader, bulletins and other material distributed on the Mulberry or TriPoint campus.

We are continually having great events and activities for everyone in every stage of life. I encourage you to invite people to these events so they can experience the love of our God and the Trinity family.