Forty Assets

I recently went to a training class, titled “Raising Highly Capable Kids”, about the forty developmental assets (identified by the Search Institute) to help young people grow up to be healthy, caring, and responsible adults. 

This training is designed to help parents achieve these assets. As I was learning about the forty assets, I was delighted to know that bringing your children to church helps with quite a few of them. Of course, having a family life that provides high levels of love and support is going to be the most important asset. Because children cannot drive themselves to church, each child that attends already has someone in their life that creates that love. 

The following are a few examples of the many ways that the Children’s Ministy incorporates the forty assets at Trinity: 

Other Adult Relationships: In the Children’s Ministry, we really encourage teachers to be present each and every week, so that these relationships are formed. 

Adult Role Models: Children who attend discipleship and other events at TBC receive teaching from several adult role models. 

Creative Activities: We have reformatted our Wednesday evening programming for kids and have events such as Art Camp in the summer. It is important that children spend three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theatre, or other arts. 

Religious Community: Attending events at Trinity allows young people to spend one or more hours per week in religious activities, (this one speaks for itself). 

Cultural Competence: Trinity is so blessed to welcome everyone. Children are able to worship and learn with people who do not all look the same. It is important that children are knowledgeable and comfortable with people of different cultural/ racial/ethnic backgrounds. 

Resistance Skills: Through Bible stories, children can learn how to resist negative peer pressure and dangerous situations. 

Planning and Decision Making, Interpersonal Competence, Peaceful Conflict Resolution: These are all things that we teach through stories of God’s Word to kids. We work hard for the Bible to come alive for the kids, so they can use its lessons to help them be socially competent. 

I will be discussing more of these assets in the next few months and would love to have a training for parents on how we can all work together to help as you parent your children. I want to reassure you in the busyness of life, that making the decision to bring your children to church does really make a difference in their lives. Thank you for trusting them with us to help our world be a better place for the future!