Flawed Families Of Th­e Bible is a good book written by two friends, Drs. Diana & David Garland.* I was ­flying when I read Flawed. The ­flight attendant walked by and after noticing the book’s cover said, “Aren’t they all.” I smiled back with “we each have our stories.”

The next time she walked my way she stopped to say, “When friends say to me, ῾I don’t go to church because of all the hypocrites.’ I respond, ‘Church is where we go to get right—not because we are already right.’” With a nod of my head, I said “We don’t get cleaned up first and then come to God. We let God clean us up from the inside out.” She gave a thumbs up as she went on to other duties.

When de-boarding we smiled to say our goodbyes with “by God’s grace”. A businessman behind me joined in, “I once was lost but now am found.” I smiled and gave a big “Yes.” Through these exchanges, the connection was made clear that each of us knew from our own life experience that God’s grace is what makes our lives worth living.

All of this talk got started because a book title used the word “­awed” to convey that biblical families weren’t perfect. God’s perfection… God’s love… God’s character… reaches into our lives to heal us. Let’s let God’s grace prepare us for the coming “family” seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Let’s allow God to shape our lives in such a way that our family & friends will see how His good work is changing our ­flaws into an ongoing work of grace & glory.

Pastor Les




* I first met the Garland’s during my early seminary days. ­They were young professors setting the world on fire. Later Diana became the founding Dean of Baylor’s Church School of Social Work. She died recently, and the School was renamed in her honor. David is now Baylor’s acting President, and the former Dean of Truett Seminary.


Dr. Leslie Hollon