Finding Your Story in God’s Story

We love a great story. Our hearts soar with each triumph and ache with each tragedy. We feel the story in our flesh and bones. The great stories invite us in. They show how we are part of the drama. What happens to the characters matters to us. In a sense we become members of the cast.

The greatest storybook of all time is the Bible. God shows His love for us and how people do or don’t live in light of His love. This is the storyline that reveals the best and worst of our human condition. In each situation it becomes clear that God’s way is the best way but will the characters choose that way? Hence the drama.

The most beloved story told by Jesus involves a “man who had two sons.” The lead characters have been called – The Loving Father, The Prodigal Son, and The Elder Brother. The story angles us into seeing the action from each person’s point of view. And the drama feels & looks dierently as we see the action unfold by taking it in through the heart & mind of each person.

The story of Luke 15:11-32 is centered around a hurting family. And because the family is in crisis, their village is hurting. Along the way we find answers by seeing that their story is our story:

• How to work out family dierences. What’s going on with this family? What is going on with our families?

• How love works is shown by the Father.

• Finding our way back home is the Prodigal’s story.

• How fair is life? This was the elder brother’s question.

• Let’s throw a party to celebrate that we are written into God’s Story. May God shape us and guide us as we let Jesus’ wondrous love save us.