Fiesta! San Antonio celebrated in April. But why? Because we like to party? Yep. But underneath that is a more important reason, the reason that put all of this celebration into motion.
Freedom! On April 22, 1836 Texas won its independence to forge her future as a sovereign people. We are glad to live here and renew ourselves to continue the noble journey of forging a worthy future. Those who died made later victories possible that created our Fiesta.
In freedom God entrusts us with opportunity and commissions us with responsibility. Jesus came so that we might live in true freedom, and as the Apostle Paul wrote that “we should not then enslave ourselves again to the chains of sin” (Gal. 6:1). Everything we do as Trinity Baptist Church is meant to help people be free in their whole life. Together let’s celebrate daily by faithfully helping each person to live freely.
Pastor Les