Fiesta Faith

Fiesta! San Antonio is celebrating. But why? Because we like to party? Yep. We playfully crush a cascarón on each other’s head and sleep with confetti in our hair that night. But underneath that is a more important reason, the reason that put all of this celebration into motion. Freedom! On April 22, 1836 Texas won her independence to forge her future as a sovereign nation. We are glad to live here and renew ourselves to continue the noble journey of forging a future worthy of past prayers and sacrifices made.

Faith is a great Fiesta. One of my personal breakthroughs occurred when I learned how to have fun even when the times weren’t fun. Our journey of joy, commitment, surprise, flexibility, and grace enable us to have fun by knowing that during the difficult moments God is working to create some whole greater than the parts. And that by keeping my eye on God’s presence the greater good would be born. And that we can play our part during the birth pains that make for sustainable and therefore real celebration. Viva Fiesta!

Transforming Power of God

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