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Faith That Works

“One of the more challenging realities from Covid-19 has been adjusting to new patterns and rhythms in virtually every area of our life: friends, family, church, recreation, and of course… work. While our work and home lives may have become more enmeshed than we ever imagined, it is still difficult to practically integrate our faith into the work God has given us. It is easy for the gap between Sunday and Monday to feel like a gaping chasm. Reflecting on our faith is even more challenging in a time when days, weeks, and months imperceptibly meld together. Yet we want to live out God´s purpose in our 9 to 5 lives, whether we work as a plumber, accountant, teacher, health care worker, entrepreneur, or stay-at-home-parent. This January, we will begin a weekly 30 min gathering each Tuesday from 12:15-12:45 via ZOOM. These short weekly times will allow you to center yourself, remember God’s purpose, and prayerfully reflect on the day.

We look forward to launching a start date soon. For more information,  email