Forever Loved Service, Saturday – Mulberry Dining Room, then Sanctuary

December 12, 2018 @ 5:15 PM
Trinity Baptist Church Sanctuary
319 E Mulberry
(210) 733-6201

Sometimes only a thin line separates a smile from our tears. Joy and sadness are common companions. The holidays, a time of public joy and celebration, can often be a time of personal grief for many of us: a painful reminder of the absence of a loved one. This holiday season, we do not need to be afraid of either the joy or the pain. We can prayerfully give our tears to God, who then shapes our hurting hearts by His tender and tough mercies.

Meal: 5:15-6:00 pm, Dining Room | Program: 6:15 pm, Sanctuary

On December 12th, please join us for our Forever Loved service. This special service is a reminder of our continued prayers for you in your loss of a loved one. We pray you are surrounded by the Lord’s comfort  and strength as you experience gratitude for your loved ones that are no longer living. The holiday season can be particularly difficult for those of us living in grief. This service is a meaningful time of reflection and prayer. We pray it will be a helpful evening for you and yours.