Faith Family Night Schedule

May 1, 2019 @ 5:15 PM
Mulberry Campus
$5 for adults; $3.50 for children

Faith Family Night Schedule

Wednesday evenings on the Mulberry Campus are a special time for our faith family to come together. Dinner is served beginning at 5:15 pm ($5 for adults; $3.50 for children). Then at 6 pm, we break out into activities for all ages and stages of life. We will end our spring semester of FFN on May 22. Below are the special Wednesday services we have planned before the summer break:

May 1: Your Conversion Story

During this Wednesday Evening’s Service, we invite you to share for 3-4 minutes how your faith in Christ began. Your sharing will: 1) enable your church family to know you even better; 2) be meaningful for you to tell your story; 3) and honor God. No pressure. But during the Service, we will open the mic for those who are willing to come forward and share.

May 8 & 15: Are You Growing Spiritually?

What helps you grow spiritually? What gets in the way? When are you at your best? How can you position yourself to grow consistently? What is your biblical roadmap for allowing God to shape you? These and more questions will be answered during this special 2-week study. Co-lead by Christopher Mack & Pastor Les. Christopher will explain the Enneagram approach. Pastor Les will teach spiritual paths from the Bible. 

May 22: Night of Worship

Wednesday, May 22 will be the last of our Faith Family Nights for Spring 2019 and we want to close out the semester worshiping together. People from each of our separate studies and activities are invited to come and sing and pray together as a way to celebrate how God has transformed our hearts and minds through our Faith Family Nights. is service is for people of all ages and stages of life!