Evangelism at Work: Youth Ministry Grows

Evangelism at Work: Youth Ministry Grows

The population of our Student Ministry has more than doubled in the past year and it is safe to say that this growth is attributed to the intentionality and evangelism of our students. Our goal in the Student Ministry is to cultivate the spiritual development of our current students so that they may be equipped with knowledge of scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit to reach those they interact with outside of these church walls. To better understand the growth of our Student Ministry, we interviewed some of our students that were invited and integrated into our church over the past year.

Kristen Prichard is a junior at Canyon High School in New Braunfels and regularly attends our Student worship services on Sundays and Wednesdays. Kristen told me that she was invited by Hailey Ballard to DNOW in February and has regularly attended since then. When she was initially invited to Trinity Baptist, she said “I was nervous about coming at first because I’ve never been part of a Student Ministry before.” She also said that she didn’t know what to expect. Now that she has begun coming more often, she says, “TBC has impacted my life tremendously.” She says that she has enjoyed getting to build a strong relationship with God as well as with her peers. Kristen says that she has found some of her best friends within the Student Ministry and that her involvement at Trinity Baptist Church has made her “stronger in [her] faith than even before”.

Another student that has been significantly impacted by attending Trinity Baptist Church is Noah Waters. Noah is also a junior at Canyon High School in New Braunfels. Like Kristen, Noah was invited by Hailey Ballard. He says that ever since he was invited, he has “been an active member of the youth and attends regularly”.

Noah says, “I was nervous about coming to TBC because I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in. But when I showed up on my first Wednesday, I immediately felt like I belonged here.” Noah’s favorite event was the Del Rio mission trip. “It was so awesome to have God work through the students to allow us to make a home livable for a struggling family.” Noah says that he’s “gotten something from every weekly lesson because they are always so real, genuine, and personal” and is thankful that he has such a strong connection with the Trinity family.

Emerson Mackey is a sophomore at Churchill High School here in San Antonio. Emerson’s connection to Trinity Baptist started in March when Ellie Purcell invited her to the Student Ministry’s camping trip. Emerson says, “I was a little nervous about meeting people there because sometimes I can be shy.” By the end of the trip, Emerson made a lot of new friends and felt she had found a place where she feels welcome and at home. Emerson loves the Trinity Baptist Church Student Ministry because “it feels awesome to have a friend group that feels as strongly about God as I do.” Her favorite event thus far was the Student Life summer camp in Glorieta, New Mexico because that was when she started to feel the closest to her peers.

Seeing our students love Jesus affirms us as staff that the Lord is working in their lives but seeing our students love others is even more beautiful to Jesus. It is a reminder to us that what we are teaching is being heard and applied in these student’s everyday lives. Please join with us in continual prayer for these students and their boldness to show their friends the love of Jesus.

-Lindsey Lowry, Student Ministry Intern