Envelope Project (A Place to Give)

I have a desire to know God more. I constantly ask him to take me deeper in my faith. When a friend of mine was telling me about a need he had, God immediately reminded me that He is a Giver and if I had a desire to know Him more, I would give in the same way and meet my friend’s need. During Easter, we are reminded of the greatest sacrifice than anyone has ever known. Our God, a giver, gave his son for me and for you. Over this past year, God has challenged me and wrecked my heart about providing for others. I think that I will never be able to give in the same way God has but God in His great mercy always gives and provides for me.

As Ethan and I have been ministering and living life with our students, we are constantly reminded about the needs they have. Some of their needs may be for a constant love and appreciation, while others, financial needs. We give of ourselves, out of the overflow of our hearts, which we constantly ask God to fill and pour into us. We come before you with a great idea, an opportunity for you to give out of the overflow of your hearts, and a way that you can directly meet the need of our students as we prepare for camp.

The Envelope Project is a fundraiser designed to subsidize partial cost for our students. It is a genius way to get the church included in supporting the student ministry through financial giving. Every dollar given through this fundraiser will be designated to Student Summer Camp.

How it Works:
We will place 400 consecutively numbered 5×8 inch envelopes on a display in the Fanning Foyer. The envelopes are numbered consecutively from 1 to 400, which represent a monetary value. A church member will take an envelope, place the designated amount in the envelope, and return to the church office.

For example, there is only one $277 envelope on the display, that said person will take that envelope and place $277 dollars (if you choose to give more, you may),

Our goal is to have the fundraiser promoted to all Sunday school classes and within the church. The fundraiser will start the first Sunday in May and will continue through the end of the month. Please help support our students and summer camp. Summer camp is a great way for students and their friends to experience Jesus in a different setting. This summer, we are attending Passion Camp in Daytona Beach, FL., on July 18-22! Please pray for our students!