Easter’s Purpose: Unlocking Your Eternal Life

Luke 24:1-12

Easter connects us to eternal love, eternal life, and eternal purpose. We hunger to love & be loved because God made us and God is love. We yearn to live long & well because God is eternal and the purposes of His love never stop. Easter, through the resurrection of Christ Jesus, gives us this eternal victory.

Christ’s resurrection reveals the ultimate victory of love over hate, hope over despair, grace over sin, and life over death. Easter “moves the stone away” from that which would enslave you to death. Easter’s purpose is to unlock your eternal life.

I believe in the reality of Christ’s resurrection for 8 reasons. Two of them are:
– I’ve been with hundreds of people as they were about to die and many people as they died. But instead of death, life is what I saw. I saw their awareness that they were being transformed. I sensed they were experiencing the reality of their own resurrection. They were stepping into the next dimension of their eternal purpose.
– The historical account of Christ’s resurrection has been analyzed, critiqued, and debated. Whether in academic settings, in market place competition, in global diversity, or in the hearts & minds of anguished people – the historical standards of evidence provide a preponderance of proof so that reasonable faith can believe.

Christ’s perfect life shows us how to live. Christ’s crucifixion showed us how to face death. Christ’s resurrection shows us how to live without fear. Love wins. Eternal purpose prevails. Are you living in the power of Easter?