Don’t Miss God’s Celebration!

Scripture: Luke 15:11-32

It was the night before I joined a team from Trinity to go on an overseas trip to our mission partners in Ghana. Though I was packing for this two week trip, my eyes were glued to the television to cheer on the Spurs against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. The game ended and the Spurs had both won the NBA championship and redeemed their heartbreaking loss in the NBA Finals from the year before. Though I still had more packing to do for the Ghana trip, I wanted to join in on the city-wide celebration. The year-long weight of the previous season’s crushing Finals loss was swallowed up by the Spurs victory. As I walked around downtown the joy was palpable.

When the younger son returns from his journey to the far country, his sorrow and poverty stemming from self-centered living are swallowed up by his father’s celebration. We often focus on the depth of the younger son’s wild living and wandering away. His brokenness, like ours, is real. The depth of the younger son’s fall allows us to marvel in the father’s lavish and extravagant celebration. Don’t miss God’s celebration! We never want to minimize sin, and we never want to allow sin, death, and defeat to have the last word. God’s redemption through Jesus the Christ allows us to enter into joy-filled raucous celebration of magnifying God’s grace! Join us this Sunday as we explore God’s Word for our lives.