Deacon Nomination

Deacons are ordained to serve as spiritual leaders in the church and its community. Please do your by submitting recommendations of TBC members (men & women) for nomination. Members of the Deacon Nominating Committee, elected by the church, are Ginna Ballard, Veronica Grant, Tara Ingram, Sandee Johns, and Andrea Schaper. The deadline for submitting nominations is Saturday, July 15, 2019.

Please note: The Deacon Nominating Team requests that you do not notify the person you are recommending for consideration. If after review of this form, along with the additional review of the specific requirements for consideration as a potential deacon nominee as outlined in the Deacon’s policy and procedures, a candidate meets the requirements for consideration, the DNT will make the initial contact to the potential nominee.

To review the Bylaws regarding the Office of Deacon Click Deacon Nominating Bylaws