Discipleship and the Technology of the Day

When we talk about “new technology” in any given time period, we may be referring to methods as simple as language or stone tools, or more complex developments such as the information technology that has emerged since the 1980s. There has always been a new “technology of the day” and, as followers of Christ, when new technologies arise it is vitally important that we ask ourselves how we can best use these methods as opportunities to do God’s work.

With the development of the Gutenburg Press in the mid-1500s came the possibility for writings to be mass-produced. Embracing this new technology made it possible to print the first of thousands of Bibles that would put God’s word in the hands of many.

The Romans first began building with concrete over 2,000 years ago and used it throughout the Mediterranean to build aqueducts, buildings, bridges, monuments and roads. In his 2012 Huffington Post article, The New Roman Roads: Technology and Bible Reading, Dr. Robert Crosby wrote of how “the famed Roman Roads of the Ancient Empire were among the foremost technological advances that helped Christianity spread so rapidly.”

Their construction was strategically well-timed to the Incarnation of Christ and the subsequent missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. The building of these continent-connecting arteries started in 500 B.C. and ultimately spanned over 250,000 miles. They not only enabled the Roman Empire to grow, but also propelled the Gospel forward.

The “Roman roads” of today are the Internet, the smart phone and social media. This technology enables us to “travel” or connect to individuals and homes far beyond what we once imagined.
In a time when our children’s lives are being formed with a global influence, we as a church are able to connect with a global community, and we want to be faithful stewards of this opportunity. This is why we are going to invest resources to further develop Trinity Online.

In this next year we will be focusing on three primary goals: 1) to organize our existing online resources so that individuals and groups can utilize them for spiritual growth, 2) to create new online resources, and 3) to develop new online small groups that are available for Trinity members, our community, and individuals outside our geographical reach.

Trinity Online is a new initiative that will utilize the technology of our day and the gifts of our congregation to deepen our online presence, to expand our reach to help more people know and deepen their commitment to Christ, and to grow the Trinity faith family. If you can envision yourself helping with this new initiative, please email me. Vhollon@trinitybaptist.org