Devoted February

In Acts we read the early followers of Jesus the Christ “devoted” (2:42) themselves. Often when we think of our spiritual devotion, we attempt to measure it. We might ask ourselves, “How intensely or fully devoted am I?” This is a useful question. It helps us to consider how focused or committed we are in any given moment.

But this is relative to our own experience, perception, emotion, and sense of will power. There are days when I’ve gone on a run, and I’m internally convinced I didn’t push myself, only to see that my external watch tells a different story. Conversely, there are days I’m internally confident I must have set a new personal record, only to see my external watch indicate I’m not as speedy as I thought. I do know, as long as I continue down the path, I am devoting my body to improved health.

This is a devotion not only polling my wavering intensity, but also concerned with my intentionality. Whether in our careers, friendships, marriages, or relationship to God, our intentionality matters. The first followers of Jesus were able to experience moments of intense passion, in part, because their intent was to devote themselves to regular practices that allowed God to shape their lives. I hope you’ll consider participating in one or all of the opportunities available at Trinity Baptist Church to engage further on a path of life transformation!