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Your Deacon service is precious to Our Lord and to our Trinity family, as it is to you. Your Deacon Nominating Team (DNT) is working on identifying Deacons to provide spiritual leadership for the church year beginning October 1, 2021. The DNT requests your prayers as we go about His work. Also, pray for His will as you consider your commitment to Deacon service for the next year. Your choices are to (1) recommit to your role as an Active Deacon, (2) request a Sabbatical if necessary, (3) if you are on a Sabbatical, remain another year on Sabbatical—up to three, or (4) if you are currently on a Sabbatical, end it and be nominated for Active status. 

If you are recommitting to Active Deacon status, or are a Life Deacon, no reply is required. If your decision involves a Sabbatical status, return the Deacon Status Change Form to the DNT by April 30, 2021. The following pertinent excerpts of governance documents are provided for your reference and consideration.

Deacon Canvassing Letter


Deacon Nominating Team
Cindy Marini, Michael Brough, Ann DeBarros, Ross Johns, Sandra Martin, Mario Gonzales