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The deadline to submit a deacon recommendation is July 15th. Click here to submit a recommendation.

2019-2020  Deacon Council Officers

Ross Johns, Chair.    .    .    .  210.287.7837
Sue Pankey, Vice Chair.    .    .    .  210.219.3456
Rob Wood, Secretary.    .    .    . 210.834.1522

Upcoming Deacon Meetings:

9/21/20; 10/19/2020; 11/16/2020; 12/21/2020; 1/18/2021; 2/15/2021; 3/15/2021; 4/19/2021; 5/17/2021; 6/21/2021; 8/16/2021; 9/20/2021

Purpose of a Deacon

Deacons are servants of the Lord serving both the congregation and the community. A Deacon should exemplify the Christian ideal, sharing the Gospel with believers and non believers, and should strive to consistently apply the principles and guidelines for Deacons as set forth in the New Testament. Deacons are ordained to serve as spiritual leaders of the Church. With the Senior Pastor and other ministers, they have particular responsibility for the life of the Church—to safeguard its good name, care for its fellowship, and promote its unity and welfare. Deacons are not to act in the place of the Church, but, rather, they encourage Church members and assist in the work of the Church, referring their recommendations on matters of major concern to the Church Trustees and/or the membership.

Deacons are to serve with the Pastoral staff and other lay leaders in:

  1. Deacon on Call: minister in times of illness / hospitalization
  2. Deacon Prayer Opportunities: Prayer Room; Prayer Partners
  3. Discipling New Christians: work with those who are new in the faith
  4. Employment Ministries: help in a variety of ways
  5. Lord’s Supper to Homebound: serve Lord’s Supper to those not able to join the congregation during regular services
  6. Mentoring New Deacons: assist new Deacons with the assumption of their responsibilities
  7. Outreach to Ft. Sam Houston: minister to the huge numbers of military personnel who receive their medical training at Ft. Sam each year
  8. Pew Greeters: intentionally seek out visitors to the worship service and make them feel especially welcome
  9. Renewing TBC Members: reach out to those who have not been actively participating

On January 26, 2020 at the Quarterly Business Meeting we will be electing the Deacon Nominating Team.  There must be at least 5 Members of the Deacon Nominating Team.  Everyone nominated should give permission in advance that they are willing to serve.

Each week, TBC Deacons volunteer to visit members and others in hospitals or other facilities. The program is coordinated by August Higgins, Executive Research Assistant to Pastor Leslie Hollon. You may provide information to August at, or by calling the Church Office (210) 733-6201.

TBC_Deacon Policies and Procedures Approved at Business Meeting 5.6.18