Daring Into The Unknown

Many times we are tempted to let the unknown or unfamiliar construct fear, anxiousness, and unease within our lives. Transitions can be like this. We let go of the certain and the familiar and soar rapidly toward the unclear and not-yet. Ed Rowell recounts, “On the old maps, back before the world was understood in modern terms, cartographers, map makers, would put down what they knew, but at the edges of the map, beyond which they had no knowledge or understanding, they would often write, ‘Beyond here, there be dragons.'” As another school year draws to a close we will celebrate with our graduates. In this week’s worship we’ll see how God helps us to be strong and courageous. I hope to see you there!

Sunday Worship Times

Bible Studies – All Ages
9am | Mulberry Campus

Sanctuary | Traditional
10:15am | Mulberry Campus

Crossings | Contemporary
10:45am | TriPoint Campus