Contributions Are the Financial Fuel of Ministry

Prayer + people working together = the church honoring God

by ministries which transform lives through the gospel.


Contributions are the nancial fuel of ministry. God trusts us with our $ to honor Him by how we use our money. Tithing, or working towards a tithe, is God’s planned way for us to succeed. We need to give regularly for Trinity to have the financial fuel to honor what God has called us to do.

Contributing to Trinity enables you to share the gospel across the streets of San Antonio and around the world. New believers are being baptized. Missions represent 20% of our giving. Ministries from our 3 campuses touch thousands of people every week. This momentum sets the tone for 2017. Regularly we receive thank you letters from children, youth, and adults -expressing how God changed their lives through Trinity’s ministries. Your contributions make this possible.

This month we will make the nal payment for God Is Remodeling. e results are evident, and they will continue to prove themselves for years to come.

Thank you for partnering to build Trinity as a great church family known for servant leadership. No one person or group can supply all the financial fuel needed to do what God is calling us to do. We can’t do this without you. But together we can.

Like you, I am excited for the future by how God is building today.