Connect People to God’s Hope

Connect People to God’s Hope Through Everyday Conversations…

As followers of Jesus we want to engage our friends, neighbors, and community with God’s transforming Hope. Yet many of us feel unprepared, uncertain, and thus unable to share compassionately and confidently with others. Each One Reach Four wants to provide a guide” of four simple postures towards God and others that model a natural way to engage people with God’s Love and Hope.

IDENTIFY 4 people. We interact with people everywhere: At the grocery market, in our office, in class, on social media, at the gym, in the bleachers cheering on our children, and at the Home Owners Association meeting. Yet how often do we take the time to really notice people and really give them our attention. Of all the people you interact with as you go about your life, who are four you can focus on? Focusing on four gives you an intentionality in your approach to them. How might you really listen to them? How might you become aware of challenges in their lives?

INTERCEDE by connecting them to God’s Hope. God’s Hope for the world is revealed to us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As followers of Jesus, we have embraced that Hope and are on the path of following Jesus to experience life transformation. When we engage people in relationships they have an opportunity to see the good, the bad, and the redemptive power of God within our lives. We don’t have to model perfection, just authenticity. As we naturally share the everyday ways our faith is shaping our lives people get to see Christ at work within us. But God is also working in the lives of those we are getting to know. Asking caring questions around people’s hopes, dreams, passions, challenges, doubts, and concerns can give both parties insight into one another’s spiritual lives. Jesus often connected with people by getting to know them through an intentional question.

INVEST your life into these spiritual friendships. For some the journey to faith is a short sprint, but for many it is more like a marathon. If human relationships take time to develop, then it makes since that a relationship with God might take some time too. This takes the pressure off of feeling like you must share the depth of a lifelong relationship with Jesus over one cup of coffee or round of golf. We are invited to join in the journey with those we are getting to know. We can invest by simply sharing in life with them through meals, activities, exercising, and conversation. We also invest in their lives through prayer. We ask God to open both our lives to deeper levels of spiritual insight and transformation as we share in the journey.

INVITE them to continue the conversation with Trinity community. Every week the Trinity Baptist community shares in formative conversations of applying scripture to our lives through small groups and bible studies. We also meet each week in dynamic worship gatherings that invite people to see, sing, hear, and experience the Christian faith lived out in community. These weekly opportunities are great ways to invite others to come grow in their spiritual journey with us! We also offer big events such as workshops, concerts, conferences, and retreats that might specifically be meaningful to one of the four people with whom you are sharing the journey.