Sharing the Easter Promise by Les Hollon

Sharing the Easter Promise by Les Hollon We are an Easter people. We live in the truth and power of Christ’s resurrection. Your offerings fuel the capacity of our ministries to share the Easter promise with others. Our recent worship from Palm Sunday through Easter reveals how Christ is pulsating through us – girls & […]

Ten Years by Les Hollon

Ten Years A decade. 3,650 days. A call given. A call accepted. A grand adventure begun and continues. Thank you for allowing me to be your pastor. At times, along the way, one year seemed like 30 years, and other years seemed as one month. Filled with joys, challenges, and breakthroughs – the time has […]

Finding Home this Christmas by Les Hollon

Finding Home this Christmas by Les Hollon   Home. Just hearing the word stirs deep feelings within us. Why? Because we were made for home, that place & people where we know we belong. Our ultimate home-place begins with God whose centering love enables us to belong here on earth and forever in heaven. This […]

Leaders Come to Peace with the Pruning

Leaders Come to Peace with the Pruning By Les Hollon   Nine years ago, the Spirit whispered to me, “Trust me. I am calling you to Trinity. And I will prune you.” Pain, not pleasure, seemed to control the pruning metaphor of John 15:12. Because it was a Jesus teaching, I said “yes” to the […]

Can’t Sleep by Les Hollon

Can’t Sleep by Les Hollon  From my journal: Written 7 years ago (9/27/11) Sleep came hard. For a thousand nights, from the spring of 2011 to the spring of 2014, I felt the press of questions for which I was trying to figure out the answers. Not being able to sleep was new for me. […]

The Faith Factor in Spiritual Leadership by Pastor Les

The Faith Factor in Spiritual Leadership By Pastor Les Faith is the distinctive factor in spiritual leadership. Along with: clarifying & casting vision, living the mission, managing objectives & goals, analyzing & evaluating, measuring progress with metrics, coaching & supervising, and discerning the transformational stories to reveal what is truly happening–  thereis the God factor […]

Pastoral Reflections The Difference Knowing Makes by Pastor Les

Pastoral Reflections The Difference Knowing Makes by Pastor Les Susan James’ mother passed away in 2010. She almost died in 1955 after giving birth to a son. She hemorrhaged. The attending medical team thought she was gone. So did she while in a Near Death Experience (NDE). She entered the heavenly realm that caused her […]

Pastoral Reflections

Billy Graham Billy Graham once said “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.” Billy was humble and an open […]

Anguish & Hope

Anguish & Hope Like you I have family and friends who live in the 150 mile stretch from Corpus Christi to Houston. The impact of Hurricane Harvey touches all of us. Devastation!  The wind & rain has and is causing immense damage. As our hearts are filled with anguish, we also feel the rising tide of […]

A Father’s Touch to Heal

When we are together -in our summer dresses, shorts, and short sleeve shirts – I sometimes ask friends to tell the story of a scar they bear. We all have at least one scar and a story of what happened that caused the scar. And through these stories we better know each other. Our scar […]