Envelope Project (A Place to Give)

I have a desire to know God more. I constantly ask him to take me deeper in my faith. When a friend of mine was telling me about a need he had, God immediately reminded me that He is a Giver and if I had a desire to know Him more, I would give in […]

Jesus Is My Portion

Will you do something for me? Wherever you are, fill a cup with water. Then hold it in your palm for 30 seconds. How does it feel? Probably not very heavy. Now try holding that same cup for 1 hour. I am certain that you probably will not do that. I understand. Neither would I. […]

Love Lifted Me

For me, January will be a month of thanksgiving and celebration. I have officially been at Trinity ONE YEAR!   It has been an adventurous year: a year of personal and spiritual growth, of making new friends and becoming more intimate with our sweet Savior, Jesus.  It has been a year of establishing a foundation […]