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Business Meetings

When and Where are Business Meetings Held?

Regular Business Meetings shall be held as needed but no less than twice yearly for the transaction of any and all business. Such meetings shall be scheduled by the Senior Pastor or the Chair of the Trustees. Please see below the current list of Business Meetings scheduled for 2019-2020:

July 26, 2020.  See attached:  Business Meeting Packet for 7262020

Annual Business & Town Hall Meetings shall be held in September for the purpose of adopting the Church Budget, electing Church Officers, Church Teams, Christian Education leadership, members of the Deacon Council and any other business which may come before the Church.    The 2019-2020 Annual Business Meeting  will be on September 27, 2020.

Special Business Meetings. may be called for the transaction of business of an emergency nature or special importance by the Senior Pastor, the Chair of the Trustees or any officer of the Deacon Council. No business except that for which the special business meeting was called may be transacted

Who is eligible to vote and what constitutes a Quorum?

All members who have attained the age of fifteen are eligible to vote. One hundred members present in person and eligible to vote shall constitute a quorum at any business meeting. “Majority vote” or “majority vote of the members present and voting”, shall mean more than half of the votes cast by persons entitled to vote, excluding blanks or abstentions, at a meeting at which a quorum is present. It is expected that voting will be accomplished in person in a business meeting. Nevertheless, absentee voting will be administered via a process to be set up by the Business Administrator. Members voting absentee may register their vote in writing by filing a hand-written ballot with the Business Office prior to the meeting. The form of the ballot, deadline for filing and all other associated procedures shall be promulgated by the Business Administrator. Such vote shall be counted as cast the same as those of such members who were present in person but shall not count toward meeting quorum requirements.

Are Business Meetings Open to the Public?

All Church Business meetings, including Team, Trustee and Deacon Meetings shall be open to any Church member except for those matters which may require an executive session. Executive sessions shall be defined as meetings or portions of meetings for the purpose of (i) private consultation regarding Church legal matters; (ii) discussing purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property; (iii) discussing contracts for prospective gifts or donations; (iv) discussing personnel or to hear complaints against personnel; (v) considering matters related to an individual child; (vi) discussing admission to, or withdrawal of, membership; or (vii) any other matter of similar nature. Any participation by visitors in Team, Trustee and Deacon Meetings shall be in accordance with the applicable policies and procedures.

For More Info on Notice Requirements and Meetings, please see the Church Bylaws.