Buckner and Trinity

Dear Trinity Family,

As you know, Buckner Fanning passed away Sunday night.  Our love and prayers are with Martha, Steve, Mike, Lisa, and all the family.  We loved Buckner, and we are forever grateful by how God touched our lives through Buckner’s ministry.  Our sadness in his passing is surpassed by our gratitude for his influences.  And we know he has now entered the eternal promises of heaven.

The following are the funeral arrangements:

Sunday, February 28, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
The Fellowship of San Antonio
23755 Canyon Golf Road
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 403-3672


Sunday, February 28, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
Trinity Baptist Church
319 E. Mulberry
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 733-6201

Buckner helped us to put the loving arms of Christ around San Antonio.  His impact was huge, including on me.  I remember meeting him as a boy in Trinity’s sanctuary.  Growing up in Boerne I felt his influence as he helped to shape my understanding of faith and ministry.Seven years ago I was privileged to become Trinity’s pastor.  During this time Buckner and I formed a uniquely special friendship.  I am glad that Trinity continues to build from the best of our past while being innovators in 21st century ministry.

My commitment and Trinity’s is to honor God by: 1) expressing our loving gratitude for Buckner and his amazing 42 years ministry as our pastor; 2) expressing our love for all the Fanning family; 3) caring for people in their grief and helping them to express their feelings; 4) helping the San Antonio region to connect with the gospel of Christ’s love.