“When Boys Became Men”

Good-Growth is God’s built in plan for all of us, and all of His Creation.

The 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin. Hitler saw it as the ultimate global propaganda opportunity for his third Reich. Global domination was on his mind. Evil was in his heart. Whenever “his” athletes won he felt his rationale for world supremacy gained momentum.

This was the backdrop for 9 athletes from the University of Washington. They forged their lives and talents into a unified whole to win gold in one of the most watched events of the Games. To get there they overcame many challenges, which is true for any of us pursuing breakthroughs in life. Their story is dramatically told in Daniel James Brown’s best seller,The Boys in the Boat.

These 9 oarsmen won a gold for the USA and deated Hitler in the process. They not only benefited from a great coach but also a wise mentor, George Pocock, who craed their winning boat. He was an ultimate artisan. Following are 4 of his key quotes:

“… And when you near perfection, you’re touching the Divine. It touches the you of yous. Which is your soul.”

“Men as fit as you, when your everyday strength is gone, can draw on a mysterious reservoir of power far greater. Then it is that you can reach for the stars. That is the way champions are made.”

“Where is the spiritual value of rowing? … The losing of self entirely to the cooperative effort of the crew as a whole.”

“Harmony, balance, and rhythm. They’re the three things that stay with you your whole life.”

Good- Growth is available to everyone. But only those who commit to grow actually grow. Jesus said, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. That is to grow in complete maturity of godliness in mind & character, having reached the proper height of virtue and integrity.”