New School Year Resolutions

As summer is winding down and a new school year begins, it is a good time for families to make “New School Year Resolutions.” Life gets busy when we get back into all the activities that surround the academic calendar. It is a good time to discuss what your priorities as a family and as […]

New Beginnings

The fall is always an exciting season in the Music & Worship Arts Ministry as our full programming gets back into full swing! The sounds of Children’s Choirs and Chorale and Orchestra rehearsals fill the church and our Sunday morning worship services are once again energized by these ensembles. This is also the time of […]

Seeking Calm with Jesus

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34 Seeking Calm with Jesus Meditation seems to be all the rage these days. There are numerous apps you can download to help guide your breathing, focus, or intention in mediation. In a world that seems to be increasing the pace and demands of life, many people seem to thirst for respite and […]

Nurturing Marriage in the 2nd-Half of Life

Nurturing Marriage in the 2nd-Half of Life By Vicki Hollon Several years ago, a friend and fellow church member told me that marriage in the later years of life was hard work. Until that conversation, I had not given much thought to the unique challenges of marriage at this life stage. I had really only […]

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

Grace and truth. Faith and works. Peace and conflict. Fate and freewill. We often don’t live well within life’s tensions. When I was a teenage Christian I got the notion that I wanted to be metaphorically on fire for God until my whole life had been exhausted for God’s glory. It seemed passionate and purposeful. […]

King Me by Christopher Mack

Scripture: Deuteronomy 17:14-20 King Me by Christopher Mack As a young kid who dabbled in checkers, I relished in getting to say to my opponent “King me.” It was the moment a predictable foot soldier became a powerful king. It could tilt the tide of a game dramatically. And though I was unaware of it, […]

Illustrations of God’s Work by Pastor Les

Illustrations of God’s Work Third grader Jackson Shelnutt draws my sermons. As I preached on Mother’s Day, he made this drawing. I tell him that he makes my sermons better than they actually are. Jackson was baptized during our Sanctuary service on May 27. On June 3, a young woman, graduate from Stanford & UT […]

Redemptive Body Image by Christopher Mack

Scripture: Romans 8:1-17 Redemptive Body Image Many of us carry lots of insecurity, anxiety, shame, and resentment about our bodies. We are inundated with messages from the corporate prophets of advertising reminding us of our need to be physically other than we currently are in order to be more attractive and thus happy. We also […]

Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

I Samuel 15, Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice Friends, How do we as Christians understand passages in the Old Testament ( the Old Covenant) that seemingly contradict what we have learned from the New Testament – our New Covenant with God? Some form of this question or issue is bound to be asked this Sunday […]

A Rash Decision and Stinging Rebuke

A Rash Decision and Stinging Rebuke I Samuel 13, A Rash Decision and a Stinging Rebuke Friends, The “Teaching Aim” for this Sundays lesson is “To encourage adults to place their full trust in God to avoid panic and foolish decisions.”  It is a tall order but it is also a very relevant lesson for our […]