Trinity’s 70th Anniversary Celebration

“Inspired by what lies behind and pressing on to what lies ahead…” Philippians 3:13

Saturday, June 22:

Charter/Founding Member Luncheon

All-Church BBQ Dinner, 5:00-6:30pm
Dining Room and Gym, Mulberry Campus
Purchase $7 Dinner Tickets Mon-Fri at Church Office Reception Desk, online, or Sundays, before and after Sunday School and both worship services.
Click here to purchase your dinner tickets!
(Deadline for purchasing tickets is Sunday, June 16)

All-Church 70th Anniversary Celebration Service, 7:00-8:30pm
Mulberry campus Sanctuary

Sunday, June 23:

ONE Church Combined Worship Celebration, 10:30am
Mulberry Sanctuary
Followed by cake and ice cream on the grounds! 

Birthday Gift$

Just like we all gather and give gifts as families when a relative is celebrating a birthday,
let US, as members of the Lord’s Family here at TBC,
gather and give gi­ft$ of love and appreciation to her!
Click here to make Birthday Gift$ to your Church.

TBC’s 70th Celebration Poem

This June will be the 70th year for this lighthouse on the hill!
The Lord has blessed us right from the start,
our place in San Antonio, we fulfill.
Brother McBirnie was first to lead with this new purchase of land,
5 ½ acres for $40,000, all led by the Master’s Hand.
The Fellowship Hall, the Thrift Chapel, the Garden Chapel outside,
proclaimed, ‘The Church of the Future’, we were known both far and wide.
Buckner Fanning was next to lead and dedicate the new sanctuary
where many decisions would be made,
along with homegoings and people to marry.
The Alpha Home, the Ruble Center, WMU became TWA,
Living Christmas Tree, Deaf Ministry,
Sound Foundation, with Mission Trips across the way.
Vision 2000, 1st women deacons, Prayer room, and XYZ’s,
CLC, the miracle of TriPoint, Charlie Johnson, the next to lead Trinity.
Transition Team, Crossings, and YMCA,
the blessing of Pastor Les coming our way!
Logsdon Seminary, Great Hearts Schools,
BSF, all being sharpened as the Lord’s hardworking tools.

Yes, these past 70 years have shown God is at Work right here at TBC.
The people who’ve come, the people who’ve gone,
all part of His grand tapestry.
To be His caring family of believers, to communicate and apply
His Life-changing message of unconditional Love,
in this place, He’ll always be glorified!

So make sure you’ve reserved June 22-23
to celebrate YOUR church, and we guarantee
that you’ll be blessed with memories and friends
food and fun, making some new memories that never end!

There’ll be a luncheon on Saturday, June 22, in the Grand Room of the CLC
For charter and founding and longtime members, along with their families.

Then a church family BBQ dinner in the large dining room and the gym,
To enjoy Trinity folk, as hearts and stomachs are filled to the brim!
Then down the Musselman Corridor to the Mulberry Sanctuary
To celebrate our past, our present and our future.
In God’s Family, it’s all hereditary!
A true celebration of our Trinity senses:
With music, and words and prayers,
And laughter and stories and smiles and hugs,
Making us all so thankful we’re there.

Then Sunday morning we’ll have ONE Joint Worship Service
In the Sanctuary, celebrating Church together as one,
To share what it means to be this ‘caring family of believers’
Serving our Lord, who after 70 years, has just begun
To use us here in this wonderful place.
To show us His Love on our hands and face.
To teach us to serve, to help and to give,
To model for us the way we should live.

So, what better reason than to reserve June 22-23?
Than to see what God still has planned for US and Trinity?!

So, sign up and show up and share your ideas at any step along the way.
We all are Trinity Baptist Church,
celebrating the Lord’s Work in this place day by day.
As our 70th Scripture from Philippians 3,
“…inspired by what lies behind and pressing on to what lies ahead.”
For these 70 years of faith and those beyond,
Trinity continues to strive for His Love to be spread.

Your Trinity Baptist Church 70th Celebration Team:
Sue Baker, Maritha Burmeister, Martha Cleveland, Josie Dickerson, Marcie Gonzales, Chita Harris,
Cris Houston, Carol Lecholop, Karen McCauley, Linda McClain, Phyllis Patterson, Jan Peranteau