Biblical Keys To A Successful Marriage

We do not always acknowledge it but the Bible speaks frequently on the subject of marriage and family. Let’s listen in as the Bible makes some key points on this important subject: Commitment “Haven’t you read, ” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason […]


“I remember when…” These words are usually said with pleasure. Occasionally they may be uttered with pain. Memory, the ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences, is a fundamental component of human personality. Most of us take memory for granted. But when we do think about it, we realize this ability to remember […]

What Is Stewardship? 

“How would you define stewardship?” a team member asked. The rest of the team sat staring into space. As team leader, I felt challenged to find an answer. This was somewhat difficult for stewardship is one of those words we often use without knowing its precise meaning. So, I consulted the dictionary. To begin with, […]

Love and Marriage

For many Christians I Corinthians 13 is their favorite passage of scripture. And for good reason: it speaks to the very heart and soul of human existence. Paul paints a most moving, beautiful picture of love. Nothing else speaks as elegantly about love as these few words. The sheer power of these words, however, presents […]

What’s in Your Pocket

I sighed as I looked over the Sunday School lesson for the week. Just another lesson on stewardship, I acknowledged. It seems such lessons come around more often than ever. My interest was pricked, however, as the teacher began the lesson. He laid out on a small table several items including a cell phone, a […]

The Power of Clear Communication

We live an age of communication miracles. Live TV pictures flash wonderfully clear from space probes millions of miles out in the solar system. Anyone can pick up a push button telephone and converse with someone else anywhere in the world within seconds. People talk to computers over long distance lines. Computers communicate with each […]

Affirmation Begins in the Family

A newborn baby whimpers and squirms right after exiting the birth canal. His mother picks him up and hugs him to her breast. “Now, ” she coos. “It’ will be all right.” He settles down and roots for her nipple. A three-month-old awakens from her nap and glances about the room. Her eyes focus on […]

Marriage Under Construction

Mutually affirming marriages do not just happen. Husbands and wives must work at creating an atmosphere in which their interdependence is expressed in ways that promote growth. Successful marriages are always under construction.Husband and wives are challenged to put their marriages together step by step. It is like building a model airplane. You have to […]

Independence, Dependence, Interdependence

Many people, have a rather cynical attitude about romantic love and the commitment it calls forth. It is fashionable today for men and women to talk about “independence.” To depend on someone, even a mate, seems to be a sign of weakness, or at least, incomplete fulfillment. As my wife and I have moved into […]

Hilarious Giving

Do you want to have some fun this new year? Then give! Paul points this out as he encourages the Christians in Corinth to help fellow church members suffering through famine:  Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you […]