Seasons of Life

I almost did not write a final Trumpet article because I do not like things to end, but my time here at Trinity has come to an end. I had not planned it this way. It was our intention to stay for the long haul here in San Antonio with Trinity but it seems that […]

The Virtual Doorway

Have you ever researched a restaurant, hotel, car dealership or Realtor before purchasing from or working with them? What about doing a quick search on your favorite social media channel and surveying friends online about an upcoming trip? I would imagine all of us have done this at some point and if we have not […]

A World of Change

We can have peace in that our God does not change, he is consistent in his character and nature, and in this we can take comfort. However, we exist in a world that changes constantly and seems to get faster daily. Moore’s Law tells us that the processing speed of computers will double every two […]

Monitor and Adjust

For many of us it is hard to believe that we are entering Spring season and soon will be in Summer. I imagine many Summer plans are already being made in anticipation of time-off and getting away. Much like families, the church looks forward to and plans for the near future as any responsible organization […]

Any Questions?

Have you ever had a questions that nobody could answer or you felt was not answered well? Have you ever felt that you could not ask a question because you were fearful of people questioning who you are or what you believe? What about a question that was counter to the majority’s view and could […]

Here With Us

As we enter into the Christmas season we are to remember that God is here with us. We need to recognize that no matter where we are, how we feel or what we fear is going to happen, God is already here.  There is a wonderful song performed by Joy Williams called Here with Us. […]

Giving With Purpose

Our Sunday Bible study recently wrapped up a four week series on tithing. A topic that is not necessarily the most popular topic discussed in Christian circles, but yet a very important topic that must be discussed and better understood. It is important in that tithing funds the ministries and operations of a church, but […]

Praying Together

As part of my morning routine, I have recently began the liturgy of using the Book of Common Prayer to help guide my prayers and thoughts. The book is not commonly used in Baptist circles but it is used by many other Christian denominations to help guide all involved in a common prayer. As Baptists, […]

One Direction and Baby Dolphins

Children are amazing creatures with abilities that many adults envy such as non-stop energy, good skin and minds that absorb and can recall about anything they have ever experienced or encountered. I have the opportunity to drop my kids off at school every day and the conversations are usually quite interesting and include many of […]

Do Justice

Trinity Baptist Church is known throughout the community and the state for offering informative and relevant conferences and seminars with the goal of educating and discipling people. These opportunities allow participants to develop their relationship with God as well as with others. This trend continues with the Micah 6:8 Conference that will happen at the […]