Evangelism at Work: Youth Ministry Grows

Evangelism at Work: Youth Ministry Grows The population of our Student Ministry has more than doubled in the past year and it is safe to say that this growth is attributed to the intentionality and evangelism of our students. Our goal in the Student Ministry is to cultivate the spiritual development of our current students […]

Growing Ministry

Growing Ministry The Student Ministry here at Trinity Baptist Church has had the most amazing and glory-filled summer! God has moved and is continuing to move now. We started the summer with a leadership camp, Super Summer, in which twenty of our student leaders learned and grew in the word, taking part of 29 hours […]


This past April 16, was Easter Sunday, a true celebration of the eternal Gift. We live with the Holy Spirit in us, those words are a true understatement to the power of God in this time. Thinking about the story of the Gospel I took a longer look at Matthew chapter 26. I am reminded […]

Present and Future

The Student Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church is alive and vibrant, it is full of joy and strength found in Christ, filled with students who are constantly pursuing the Savior. And we as a church and as the leadership surrounding these students want to continue that work and grow into more. We believe in four […]

Reflecting on Family

During this Christmas season, I have been reflecting a lot about family. You see, my views of family are a little different from most ‘normal’ views of what family looks like. My parents divorced when I was a freshman in high school. So, I mainly remember being raised by a single mother. While this was […]

A Youth United

All eyes and ears were tuned in on November 8th as we watched America make a decision about its future. It was the first time I had ever voted and I nervously awaited the results. Talking with our students about what government meant to them, I soon realized that they were more involved in political […]

Envelope Project (A Place to Give)

I have a desire to know God more. I constantly ask him to take me deeper in my faith. When a friend of mine was telling me about a need he had, God immediately reminded me that He is a Giver and if I had a desire to know Him more, I would give in […]

Jesus Is My Portion

Will you do something for me? Wherever you are, fill a cup with water. Then hold it in your palm for 30 seconds. How does it feel? Probably not very heavy. Now try holding that same cup for 1 hour. I am certain that you probably will not do that. I understand. Neither would I. […]

Love Lifted Me

For me, January will be a month of thanksgiving and celebration. I have officially been at Trinity ONE YEAR!   It has been an adventurous year: a year of personal and spiritual growth, of making new friends and becoming more intimate with our sweet Savior, Jesus.  It has been a year of establishing a foundation […]