Are My Kids Safe at Church? by Debbie Potter

Are My Kids Safe at Church? by Debbie Potter

This is a question many parents are asking as they have read the stories in the paper recently. It saddens me tremendously to hear stories of children who were harmed at church. This is the reason we have safety policies at TBC.

Sometimes it seems that the guidelines we have set are unnecessary and unwelcoming, but in reality, it is the opposite. We set these policies to protect our children. We want them to feel safe and be safe when they are in our care at church. The children’s staff works extremely hard to make sure you can relax while your kids are in our care.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure this:

• Children’s ministry doors are locked or monitored at all times.

• Volunteers and paid employees must pass a background check before they may serve.

• We have multiple training sessions for leaders.

• All of our classroom doors have glass in the windows.

• Two adults per classroom, no adult is alone with children.

• We have a paid supervisor at all times on the Mulberry campus and at Kids Crossings.

• Our supervisors are highly trained and know how to handle emergency situations.

• We have police officers on our campus during services and major events.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call, email, or come and visit with me. I want every parent to feel comfortable with the care that is provided for your child.