ADVENTure: Fear Not!

This article was recently published in the December 2014 issue of San Antonio Local Community News.

Fear is a part of life. Healthy fear warns us when threats arise. Then after completing this purpose, we need to let go of the fear and respond to the threat by turning our fear into faith and our faith into faithfulness. Many people say the days in which we are living are fearful times. Therefore we need to deal with fears in a way that sets us free from being afraid.

We see how to do this by looking at the biblical story of Jesus’ birth. Time and again an angel (the Greek word for “messenger”) gave God’s message, “fear not”. Easier said than done. And that is exactly when the adventure gets most exciting. The challenge is on once the stakes are understood.

This challenge becomes the adventure. Accomplishing worthy purposes in light of the challenge is what defines great people. These are the people who make our world a better place to live. You are called to be a great person in the eyes of God and anyone else who has the “eyes to see” you for who you really are – an adventurer.

For the adventure we need -CURIOSITY to see God’s possibilities, COURAGE to pursue the possibilities, COMMITMENT to see it through to completion, and CONFIDENCE that we can do our part. Then we become grateful CELEBRANTS in what has been accomplished…Always know God is with you—Immanuel.

Lucy Lockett proved the value of turning her fear into faith and her faith into faithfulness.

Lucy was ninety-four when she passed away. She daily lived in a way that was reflected in the name she gave to one of our church’s key ministries: XYZ, eXtra Years of Zest.

Zest was a choice for Lucy. Her Father died from a train accident when she was three. To make it through the financial challenges, Lucy’s mother moved her three children and herself into a two-story building, which she converted into a boarding house. Lucy and her siblings regularly slept in a big pantry.

Lucy’s focus connected her to a can-do attitude. When she was eighteen, she went deep into the countryside to deliver food to her daddy’s side of the family. There she saw a two-year-old cousin covered by grime and lice. She took her back home and raised her. That little life was forever changed because Lucy focused her eyes to see with a God-sized vision. The baby grew into a beautiful woman earning a Ph.D., and teaching English in colleges…Faithfully live your adventure and see what God will do.