Summer Supper Club

You are invited to sign up for the 2018 Summer Supper Club and make new friends or deepen friendships!


We are a large and busy church and one of our joys and challenges is that there is always someone new to meet. Summer Supper Club is a short-term opportunity to enjoy dinner, brunch, or lunch with a group of 8-10 TBC men and women of all ages.   The same group members will have the opportunity to meet in a relaxed setting 2-3 times during the summer of 2018.

It will be the group members’ choice whether to have a potluck meal at a host’s home or to go out to eat… (All Dutch Treat). This will be a great opportunity to make friends with other wonderful people outside of your usual social circle.

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Who can participate?  All adults who attend Crossings and Sanctuary worship (members and visitors) are invited.

When is Supper Club? June – August 2018

How do I sign up? Click here to fill out the online form.

When is the deadline for signing up? May 10, 2018 (Shortly after this deadline, you will receive an email introducing your Supper Club members.)

How does it work?  Everyone who has signed up will be assigned to a Supper Club with a maximum of 10 people.  The goal is for each group to get together several times over the summer months. Each time, one individual or family agrees to host the group in their home and provide a main dish. The other members of the group contribute the rest of the meal (salad, sides, dessert, beverages, etc.) 

Who figures out when and where our supper club will gather? When you fill out the form below, there is a place to indicate days you simply cannot participate. There is also a place to indicate if you are willing to be your club’s coordinator, or if you are willing to host the Supper Club in your home. The coordinator will reach out to the group by email or phone, and figure out the best day, time, and place for the group to meet. There are some online sites, such as PerfectPotluck or MeetingWizard, which might be helpful tools for those who volunteer to serve as a coordinator. 

What if I’m a vegetarian, or lactose/gluten intolerant, or allergic to garbanzo beans?  There is a place to list all your dietary restrictions on the sign up form. Your Supper Club coordinator and hosts will be informed of your needs and will work with the group to make sure there are options for you.

What if I will need a ride to Supper Club gatherings? Again, there is a place to indicate that on the sign up form, and you can work with your Supper Club coordinator to figure out transportation. 

Can my group go to a restaurant, get together more than 2 times, do brunch instead of supper, etc?  Sure! Get creative. Just make sure the alternative plan works for the whole group.

What about kids?  We are currently limiting Supper Clubs to adults. The exception to this is if you are the host family, feel free to include your kids in the Supper Club on the evening you host.

What if my Supper Club can’t find any days to meet? This is rare, but it does happen once in a while.  Coordinators will do their best to accommodate everyone’s schedules, but occasionally the Supper Club may have to move forward with a date even if it does not work for everyone.

We hope you will participate. This is a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds of our church life and make some new friends. Jesus knew that sharing meals is the best way to build community. Come be a part of the table fellowship!

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