Small Groups

A Trinity Small Group is a caring and intentional gathering of individuals committed to meet regularly for the purpose of growing as disciples of Jesus Christ and in Christ-like relationship with each other. Small Groups serve as an additional opportunity for Bible study and topical studies beyond Sunday morning offerings.

Why Join A Small Group

Register for a Small Group by signing up online below, emailing Kathy at or by calling 210-738-7740.

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We offer approximately 24 short-term small groups each year. Each group meets weekly for 8-12 consecutive weeks.

Adult small groups are a great place to connect. While on earth, Jesus asked his followers to “Love each other, just as I have loved you” (John 13:34). That same challenge applies to those of us that want to follow Him today. Relationship is at the heart of our faith. As part of a Bible Study group we can know others and be known by others; we can pray for others and be prayed for; we can encourage others and be encouraged. If you have not already done so, we hope you will connect with a small group of friends with whom you will grow in God’s love. New groups are offered three “semesters” a year.

Fall Small Groups


The Patriarchs (a Beth Moore Study for women)   |  Led by Laurie Bracher
Begins September 9  |  9:30-11:30am  |  Ed. Room 301, Mulberry Campus
Join us for this 11-week study as we journey through Genesis 12-50, exploring concepts such as blessing, covenant, and promise, and the bearing each has on a New Testament believer’s life today.


MidWeek (for College and Emerging Adults)  | Led by Sarah Sensenig 
Begins August 27  |  7:00pm  |  Choir Room, Mulberry Campus
This is a chance for college students and emerging adults ages 18-25 to connect with other people and with God. Together we have fun and learn more about Jesus!

Faith and Finance (for men and women)  |  Led by Blanca Eschbach
Begins September 3  | 6:00-7:30 pm  |  Meeting Room 2, TriPoint Campus
Does your month last longer than your money? If so, join this 10-week class for women & men that utilizes biblical principles for managing finances.

A Transformed Life (TACO)  | Led by Mary Osborne and John Hale
Begins September 3  |  TriPoint Hub and Meeting Rooms 1 & 3, TriPoint Campus
6 pm Food & Fellowship | 6:30-7:30 pm Bible Study
Kidz Korner available for pre-K – age 12, Conference Room 3

Faith and Finance (for men and women)  |  Led by Jim and Patti Furgerson
Begins October 8  |  10:15am  |  Choir Room, Mulberry Campus
Does your month last longer than your money? If so, join this 10-week class for women & men that utilizes biblical principles for managing finances.

Mentors are also needed for this Faith and Finance group.  If your life experience makes you better suited to serve as an encourager and you can walk alongside a participant, please consider serving as a Mentor and contact Jim Furgerson, (210) 913-1834.


Romans: Connecting Our Beliefs & Actions (for men and women)
Led by Pastor Les & Rev. Patrick Gahan

Begins September 11  |  7:15-8:00 am  |  Conf. Room 2, TriPoint Campus
Romans is called by some “the Constitution of the New Testament.” Step into this friendship community for learning how to apply the Scriptures we study.

Circle of Sisters (for women)  |  Led by Rhonda Jones/Sue Schank
Begins September 4  |  6-7:30 pm  |  Ed. Room 301, Mulberry Campus
Circle of Sisters is a small group for women of various ages and stages of life seeking to study God’s word and will for our daily lives. Our format includes video Bible studies, study guides, and great fellowship.

Band of Brothers (for men)  |  Led by Karl Schank and Pat Nolan
Begins September 4  |  6-7:30pm  |  McCarty Conf. Room, Mulberry Campus
New individuals are always welcome!

Ministry to Moms (for moms)
Led By Barbara Bach, Carol Lecholop, Susie Marett, Nancy Yale, & DeeDee Brogan
Begins September 4  |  6-7:30pm  |  CLC Grand Room, Mulberry Campus
This group for moms of children newborn thru High School gathers for dinner, fellowship, and study. The curriculum includes Biblically based videos with discussion.

Living Your Faith 7 Days a Week (for men and women)  |  Led by Pastor Les
Begins September 4  |  6-7:30pm  |  Dining Room, Mulberry Campus
Living out your Christian faith in your place of work means integrating what you believe and the values that flow from that belief, with your work place decisions and actions. Taking your faith into the workplace also means that you are free to do your best to please God rather than simply trying to please people.

Angels (for men and women)  |  Led by Fredda Gill
Begins September 4  |  6-7:30pm  |  Ed. Room 307-311, Mulberry Campus
In this study we will examine Biblical passages that give us information on the nature and origin of angels and the functions they perform.  We will look at common perceptions and misperceptions regarding Angels.

Enneagram and Relationships (young adult men and women)  |  Led by Christopher Mack
Begins September 4  |  6-7:30pm  |  Ed. Room 313, Mulberry Campus
How do we understand the motivations and dynamics of the different personality types we see in our intimate partners, our friends, our church or in our professional lives? This eight-session study is a content-rich companion to Suzanne Stabile’s The Path Between Us, exploring the nine Enneagram types and how each of us experiences relationships. Gain deeper insights about ourselves, others, and how we can have loving, mature, and compassionate relationships of reconciliation.


Writing Down the Spirit  |  Led by Jeff Cowart
September 12: Introduction for new participants
September 19: 
Group begins for all new and returning participants
6:30-8:00pm  |  Ed. Room 301, Mulberry Campus
Written self-expression is a spiritual gift that many of us fear because of school memories of grammar rules and harsh critiques. In this group, we work to learn how to free the spirit to express itself in writing, regardless of the medium (fiction, non-fiction, journal, letters…) with the supporting grace and encouragement of fellow creators.


Walking with God in Every Season – Ecclesiastes/Song of Solomon/Lamentations
(a Kay Arthur study for men and women)  |  Led by Fredda Gill
Begins September 6  |  9:30am  |  CLC Room 203, Mulberry Campus
Digging into Ecclesiastes, readers will wrestle with life’s apparent inconsistencies and futility and find clear pointers to the ultimate meaning of life. Exploring the Song of Solomon, they will determine whether the message pertains mainly to the physical and emotional bonds of marriage, to Israel’s relationship to God, to the church’s relationship to Jesus, or to the individual believer’s relationship to Christ.  In Lamentations, readers will see the avoidable tragedies caused by sin and the never-ending covenant love of God.


Proverbs 31 Women (for women)  |  Led by Cindy Levy
Meets the 1st Saturday of every-other month
Begins September 7  |  
11:00am–1:00pm  |  CLC Grand Room, Mulberry Campus
Connect with women of all ages who are committed to help other women – locally, regionally, or globally. We meet every-other month and do hands-on projects for women in impoverished countries. If you have questions, please contact Cindy: 210-219-6761.


Sunday Morning Bible Study for all Ages
9:00-10:00am  |  Mulberry Campus

Revelation (for men and women)  |  Led by Sharyel Bradford
Begins September 8  |  1:00-3:00pm
This is a Precept study that includes homework and discussion. Contact Sharyel for more details, 210-872-8087.

Dialogue (for men and women)  
Meets every other week on Sundays  |  6:00-8:00pm  |  Off Campus
This group meets in homes every other week. New participants are always welcome! Please contact Veronica Grant for details: 210-307-6900.

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Online Small Group Opportunities

Faith Collective is a website with free educational resources given to you by Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.  It is designed to help you grow in relationship with Christ and with others. If you need support for family, parenting, marriage, and other relationships, or you need help with recovery, financial management, faith and military life, or other life stage issues, Faith Collective provides resources for you personally, or for use in the creation of a small group.

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