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Modern Families

Interactive Learning for All Ages

Sunday, February 11 | 4-6 pm | TriPoint (3233 N Saint Mary’s)

Modern Families will empower you to live courageously and vibrantly in your 21st century family. Whether you are married, single, parenting, investing in families in the community, or beginning to support your aging parents, there is something for everyone. Click here to RSVP.

The evening starts by choosing from 3 workshops related to real-life issues facing families of all shapes and sizes. Next we’ll come together for a fun, engaging, and interactive large group time. You’ll connect around your tables, enjoy dinner, have some fun on the stage, and hear a message that will help all of us thrive in our families. Join us at TriPoint from 4-6pm for an impactful evening of connecting, learning, and growing in your commitment to being healthy in all of the many places we find family.

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Get Clear on… TECHNOLOGY in your Marriage – Led by Christopher Mack
“In our technology driven world, staying present in our marriage may be the most important and the most persistent work we ever do.” –Mo Isom & Jeremiah Aiken

Technology is a part of our lives. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s not. But technology is neither of those things in and of itself, it’s a tool. And we can use it to connect with our spouse more, or disconnect and distract. In order to practice our promise, we must work for deep access to our spouse, versus immediate access to our devices.

How to Help Children & Youth Stay Connected to Their Faith
Led by Debbie Potter & Ethan Getrost

A person’s faith must be their own. As parents this can be a difficult struggle when our children seem to depart from the faith they were taught. The best way to help your children grow up in Christ is if you are growing in Christ. This session will offer some suggestions to help as your parent during childhood and youth. This is also good for grandparents or other family members that have influence in the life of children or youth. No Matter

Your Age, The Time to Think About Retirement is Now
Led by Vicki Hollon & Dave Ballard, C.F.P.
In the song, “One Last Time” from the Broadway musical “Hamilton”, Washington tells Hamilton that he is stepping down from the Presidency. He made the decision to retire with great intention. He wants to teach the country “how to say goodbye” and limit the term of ffice. When Hamilton suggests the people will see him as weak, Washington replies, “they will see us as strong.” It takes courage and wisdom to know when it is time to let go of a job that gives us purpose, income, and maybe even status.

We take the high road when we choose to step down for the good of all concerned and we are wise and loving when we retire to preserve our mental and/or physical health or care for loved ones. However, retirement is a complicated decision when life spans are increasing and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. We need all the information we can get on how to maximize SS benefits, identify new sources of income, and continue to live in a way that keeps us emotionally and mentally healthy.

For Students–Hints from Ephesians: An Overall Look

Childcare is also available for infant through pre-kinder with reservation. Contact Monica at (210)738-7764 or at for reservations.