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We are all really busy with life. It looks different for each of us depending on what stage of life we are in. Some of us are taking care of little kids, others are taking care of aging parents. Some of us are consumed with school, others work. We also know it’s often a challenge to find the time to focus on your marriage. So, we want to help you with that. We’ll post articles, videos, and audio here to help you strengthen your marriage.

 Actions That Say, “I Love You!”

by Wayne Grant, M.D.

Actions Speak Loudly

When it comes to marriage, old sayings tend to come true. For instance, it is so true that “Little things mean a lot.” And when these simple words are combined with the proverb, “Actions speak louder than words,” we have one of the significant keys to a happy marriage.

When we said our vows during our marriage ceremony, we promised to take each other for better or worse. We did not, however, promise to take each other for granted. Unfortunately, “taking for granted” is an all too common pitfall on the path to a happy marriage.

However, the right actions done in the right spirit can fill in these bumps on the journey of marriage. The more we practice the little things, the more fulfilling will be our marriage. Let’s help each other appreciate the little things.

Practice the Little Things

Look over this list of behaviors that “speak louder than words.” Rate in order from 1 to 15 (one being most important) how important each behavior is to you.

Once you both have completed your evaluation, sit together and compare notes. No criticism or cynicism. Accept each other’s list as honest desire. Consider your mate’s list as a joyful challenge. You will learn a lot about yourself—and about each other. And you can enrich your marriage dramatically.

Little Things

  1. Give me a hug anytime for any reason.
  2. Look at me and smile.
  3. Ask me how I spent my day.
  4. Meet me for lunch occasionally.
  5. Tell the children what a good parent I am.
  6. When we sit together, put your arm around me.
  7. Hold me at night just before we go to sleep.
  8. Ask my opinion about events while we watch the News.
  9. Call me during the day to tell me something pleasant.
  10. For no special reason, tell me you love me.
  11. Surprise me. Him: Wash her car. Her: Make his favorite desert.
  12. Complement me—in front of my parents.
  13. Take a shower with me.
  14. Hold my hand while we are in public.
  15. Let’s take a walk around the block—just the two of us.

Now admit it. This could be fun!

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