Explore Sunday Mornings at 9am in room E250 on the Mulberry Campus. Join us for this weekly Bible Study. Anyone, ages 18-24, is welcome. Invite your friends! Whether you’ve grown up in San Antonio, moved here to go to college or are back in town for the break, Trinity has a place for you to grow and explore your faith. Beyond learning all the basics in life (like laundry, car maintenance and filing your taxes) this season of your life is an excellent opportunity to begin making your faith your own. We want to help you discover a faith that is dynamic, vibrant and intersects with the pressing questions of living in a global world. So whether you were raised with a faith of your parents or have started exploring faith more recently, there’s a place for you.

Trinity has long believed that life is lived best with the wisdom and experiences of people from blended age groups. Trinity offers small group bible studies that help those in their late teenage years and twenties share in life, dive into scripture, and learn to connect with God deeply though prayer.

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Sarah Boullioun Sensenig
Minister of College and Emergent Adults