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Adult Classes

Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes for all ages at 10:15 am on the Mulberry campus or online.

You are invited to join one of the many adult classes at TBC. Due to COVID-19, several of our classes are meeting either hybrid (online and in-person) or online only. Please contact your School Leaders and/or the Pastor who directly works with your class for protocols..

If you are a first time guest, we encourage you to attend TBC4U, an introductory class that meets on Sundays at 9am, to help you become familiar with Trinity Baptist Church.

Explore - College Age
Anyone, ages 18-24, is welcome. Invite your friends!

Whether you’ve grown up in San Antonio, moved here to go to college or are back in town for the break, Trinity has a place for you to grow and explore your faith. Beyond learning all the basics in life (like laundry, car maintenance and filing your taxes) this season of your life is an excellent opportunity to begin making your faith your own. We want to help you discover a faith that is dynamic, vibrant and intersects with the pressing questions of living in a global world. So whether you were raised with a faith of your parents or have started exploring faith more recently, there’s a place for you.

(Meets in E256) 

Illuminate Young Adult Class - Ages 20-30s
In our twenties and thirties, we come from different walks of life as students,professionals, some married, and some parents. We are committed to navigating life together through questions of vocation, purpose, and investing in relationships. We use the Formations curriculum in order to wrestle with scripture in ways that are engaging, challenging, hopeful, and allow our lives to become illuminated by the God revealed afresh through scripture. (Meets in E252)
Friendship Class
Comprised of married and single median age adults. The Friendship class studies the Bible utilizing the Formations Adult Bible Study Guide. Our study is facilitated by class members and encourages active participation in Biblical conversations. Each class ends with a time of sharing praises and prayer concerns. Growing in God’s Word and praying for each other helps to grow existing and form new friendships. (Meets in Ed 254 and ZOOM 
Experiencing God on 281
Our class is comprised of primarily couples and has a strong focus on fellowship and group discussion. We especially welcome others that are not already involved in another Sunday school class. (Using ZOOM)
River of Life Class
Our class has a strong emphasis on the study of contemporary issues. We are primarily made up of married couples and the teaching style facilitates discussion. (Using Ring Central)
THAT Class
Members of our class are married and single men and women. The teaching style is primarily discussion and we utilize the Formations. (Using ZOOM)
The Grace Gang
An all new co-ed Bible study. All are welcome! (Meets in Ed 301)
Comprised of men and women of all ages and stages, the Journey class studies the Bible one book at a time. We seek to glean the truth of scripture intended for the original listeners and apply these truths to contemporary life situations. Building community is especially important as we learn together each week. (Meets in Ed 307/311 and ZOOM) 
L.A.M.P.S Class
Our class meets the needs of women of all ages; married or unmarried, who desire to develop their relationship with the Lord. We use Formations curriculum and a discussion format. (Meets in CLC 201/203 and ZOOM)
A.S.K. Class
We are a friendly class that digs deep into the scriptures. Our class is open to men and women of all ages. (Using ZOOM)
Chapel-Unity Class
Our class consists of couples and singles age 60 and over. The teaching style is formal, but with active class participation and discussion. We are a mission oriented group enjoying strong fellowship. We utilize BaptistWay curriculum and the teaching style is lecture with some discussion. (Using ZOOM)
Sunday Live Class
We are a welcoming group where the Bible comes alive each Sunday as its application to here and now is developed through lively discussions full of insight, wisdom, and good humor. Members are men and women, mostly singles, 55 and over. (Using Conference Calls)
THEE Joy Class
Members of our class are couples and singles ranging in age from 50 and over. Our teaching style is lecture with some discussion. (Meets in CLC Grand Room 100 and ZOOM)
True & Faithful Sunday School Class
Our class is a friendly co-ed class of primarily older couples and singles. The teaching style is lecture and discussion using the BaptistWay curriculum. (Meets in CLC 207-209 and ZOOM)