A World of Change

We can have peace in that our God does not change, he is consistent in his character and nature, and in this we can take comfort. However, we exist in a world that changes constantly and seems to get faster daily. Moore’s Law tells us that the processing speed of computers will double every two years, and some would venture to say that it has been happening much more rapidly. To think that the smartphone we hold in our hand has more computing power than the rocket that took the astronauts to the moon is almost unfathomable, but yet is it true. Though not as fast, NASA’s computers were robust and could handle significant issues that our phones cannot. Maybe this is not the perfect comparison but it provides us with a bit of perspective. We exist in a world of change and it is very dicult, if not impossible, to predict what the next major change will be. True there are futurists who can spot trends and they are periodically correct in their projections of the future. It is good to have people who do that for a living. It is also good to have people to help put those types of things in perspective.

Our culture, society, institutions and traditions are changing rapidly along with technology. It is hard to say which is causing the other to change or if everything is moving together simultaneously. I am not sure it really matters. Why am I bringing this up? Well, our faith is in an unchanging God, yet we exist in a rapidly changing world that makes many of us dizzy and anxious. We try to hold on to patterns and traditions of the past in order to remain in an place that kind of resembles the good old days. As we stand clinging to the ideals and worldly traditions of the past, the world is moving along. We see research where the church is diminishing in relevance and cannot keep up with the changes in society and has become irrelevant to many people. It is hard for us to read this. It is even harder for us to accept it.

What are we to do? Well the first is to pray and then to trust in our unchanging God who is with us through all our dizziness and anxiety. To seek His will for His Kingdom here on His Creation. We are also to adapt to our current situation. This does not mean we dilute who we are or what we believe. This does not even mean we try to be “relevant” in the way the world wants us to be relevant. In the letter James wrote, we see that this philosophy does not bode well for the people in the church in Jerusalem so we can guess it would also not work well for us. Here at Trinity Baptist Church we have a common purpose and vision, a shared conscious and a God who will lead us if we trust Him and trust each other that where He is taking us is good.

In last month’s Trumpet there were multiple articles about stewardship and our current financial situation here at Trinity. That is still a concern but we have a plan in place to rectify the situation. So, I thought this month we should look at who we are Christ’s community as we adapt to the changing world around us. The business office and related ministry areas of the church will be looking at our current structures, processes and mindsets and identify how we can adapt to be the church God has ordained us to be. What was considered efficient, effective or even excellent in the past is no longer always true. An organization that stands still and allows the world to pass by is a dying organization. We are not of this world but we are certainly in it so we will adapt to the situations that come before us. We will continue to monitor and adjust.