A Memorial Day Prayer

We thank You.
Frequently You answer our prayers by bringing good people into our lives.  On this Memorial Day we are grateful for the sacrifices of good people who have made our country and our world safer. By their dedication we are inspired, instructed, and informed.

On this weekend, may we worship You with grateful but grieving hearts. Grateful for how You shaped our lives through their valor. Grateful that their influence in our lives continues without end. But grieving in that  we miss the sight, sounds, and touch of their physical presence. We are, however, most grateful that You make eternity real through Jesus Christ.

So we go forward to live the rest of our earthly lives with the encouragement of their example. Our prayers are engaged so that future wars will not be required, and that Your purposes will continue to shine upon and through our country. May we honor their legacy by how we go forward. Amen.