A Meal With God

Luke 22:14-24

Series: “Seeing Yourself In The Kingdom Of God”

What meals  stand out in your memory? And why? Was the food remarkably prepared? Was it the people with whom you shared the meal?  Was it the occasion you were celebrating? Was it the news you were looking forward to sharing? Was it that you knew the meal would be uniquely used in God’s greater purposes? Was it because from that meal you would be uniquely present in all future meals?

The most famous meal of all time was the last meal Jesus ate with His disciples. And to each of the above questions Jesus answered YES. That meal, named The Last Supper, became the ongoing celebration of God’s triumphant love which conveys the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus.  The Last Supper, when celebrated by today’s disciples, is called The Lord’s Supper because we celebrate His presence with us. It is also called Communion because we commune with Him by “the bread and cup” remembrance, and through this communion we become a community.

During the first Lord’s Supper, Jesus showed the disciples how God’s Kingdom is revealed by the experience of Communion. Consider how God is wanting to reveal more of Himself to you as you prepare for Sunday’s worship.