Trinity Scholarships

Scholarship Application Packet 2015 Final

Deadline for Filing Application is Friday, May 15, 2015 by 5:00 pm.  No incomplete or late applications accepted.

Church Membership Required.

Completed Applications should be brought to Cheryl Reyes in the Business Office.

Available 2015 Scholarships

There are three eligible scholarships available this school year: the McLendon Fund, the Rouse Fund and the Reyes fund.  Scholarships will be provided to college students of all ages who are church members and who are working toward an undergraduate degree or a career in Christian ministry.

Below you will find a description of each fund and the criteria for qualifying for each scholarship.

Gloria Reyes Scholarship Fund

For Deserving ministerial students at one or more seminaries which students/seminaries shall be selected by and distributed by TBC.

Dan & Mildred McLendon Scholarship Fund

For college students who are members of TBC.

Rouse Memorial Endowment Fund

To assist needing and deserving students attending any educational institution which is under the control or supervision of the BGCT or SBC and which students have declared their intentions to become ministers of the gospel, music or church related vocations or are to engage in full-time, church related and approved vocations within the Baptist denomination.

Eleanor Hailey Scholarship Fund

(Currently Unavailable)

To provide scholarships to music students.

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